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still from Sigmund Freud's Dora

Sigmund Freud's Dora

A. McCall (1979)

A feminist critique of Sigmund Freud's account of his first published case-history.

still from The Silence is Baroque

The Silence is Baroque

N. Danino (1997)

Recorded on location in Granada and Seville during Holy Week.

still from Silent Cry

Silent Cry

S. Dwoskin (1977)

An expression of one girl's thoughts and memories regarding relationships.

still from Silent Partner

Silent Partner

P. Gidal (1977)

"A narrative without plot, identifiable characters or space/time co-ordinates." -Ian Christie, 1978.

still from Silent Sight

Silent Sight

Z. Sedira (2001)

still from Simon and the Radioactive Flesh

Simon and the Radioactive Flesh

M. Waller (2004)

A film and intermittent art video screening that transcends into a purgatorial nightclub setting.

still from Simultaneous City

Simultaneous City

G. Barber (1996)

A Cinema of sound.

still from Sites of Construction

Sites of Construction

E.Tan (1998)

Interactive installation in association with a series of interactive or participatory works (series called Sites of Construction) exploring the iconography and cultural meanings attributed to the 'grid'.

still from Situación de Tiempo (Situation of Time)

Situación de Tiempo (Situation of Time)

D. Lamelas (1967)

still from 60 TV Sets

60 TV Sets

D. Hall (1972)

60 television receivers create a 'media overdose'. 'The first multi-screen video installation seen in a UK gallery'.

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