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film and video a to z
still from Slip Disco

Slip Disco

H. Lloyd (1996)

A man standing on a building site talking about his ambitions.

still from Slit-scan


A. McCall (1972)

A single vertical photograph divided up into narrow strips and distributed across 81 slides, is projected onto the wall at maximum speed.

still from Slow Glass

Slow Glass

J. Smith (1988-91)

An elegiac study on the art of glassmaking.

still from The Small Boy's Dream

The Small Boy's Dream

M. Curran (1991)

This very early tape explores male lack through the trope of the mermaid.

still from Smart Alek

Smart Alek

A. K├Âtting (1993)

still from Smart People

Smart People

D. Lamelas (1991)

Two homeless people of Latin American origin, perhaps the exiled president of St Ana and his wife?

still from Smile


H. Offeh (2001)

Smile arose in part as a response to a work by Vito Acconci and in part a literal translation of the song Smile, written by Charlie Chaplin and, in this case, sung by Nat King Cole.

still from Snig


J. Parker (1982)

still from Soft Edge

Soft Edge

W. Raban (1973)

An academic life drawing using the camera rather than a pencil.

still from Soliloquy


S. Dwoskin (1964)

A girl broods on a failed love affair.

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