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still from The Other Side

The Other Side

I. Breakwell (2002)

Created in response to the de la Warr pavilion, the work features panoramic vistas of ballroom dancers gliding with dreamlike fluidity on the pavilion balcony, silhouetted against the sea, the summer sun graduallly sets, darkness encroaches, night falls.

still from The Passion of Remembrance

The Passion of Remembrance

I. Julien (1986)

Within a dramatic framework the film gives a mosaic impression of the different dimensions of Black experience lived and imagined by a generation of filmmakers in the UK.

still from The Perfect City

The Perfect City

K. Piper (2007)

''The Perfect City''embodies the chronicler through the narrator.

still from The Pits

The Pits

D. Critchley (2000)

still from The Pool

The Pool

J. Parker (1991)

The film begins with a woman standing in the deep end of an empty and disused lido.

still from There is a Myth

There is a Myth

C. Elwes (1984)

Video made from the original installation 'Myth' (1983).

still from The Reunion

The Reunion

J. Parker (1997)

The Reunion brings together dancers Lynn Seymour and Donald MacLeary, partnering each other again, for the first time in over thirty years.

still from The Sands of Time

The Sands of Time

D. Critchley (1979)

still from The Sermon

The Sermon

I. Breakwell (1983)

Advice to the faithful and a grim warning to the devils in our midst.

still from These Walls

These Walls

M. Tait (1974)

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