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film and video a to z
still from The Silence is Baroque

The Silence is Baroque

N. Danino (1997)

Recorded on location in Granada and Seville during Holy Week.

still from The Sisters Story

The Sisters Story

K. Meynell (1985)

A narrative in four parts, each a different facet of the same character. 'This is my sister's story, not her story, but my story of her.' – KM

still from The Situation Envisaged

The Situation Envisaged

D. Hall (1978)

A multi-monitor video installation which confronts issues of power and the individual; the public and the private; the viewer and the viewed.

still from The Small Boy's Dream

The Small Boy's Dream

M. Curran (1991)

This very early tape explores male lack through the trope of the mermaid.

still from The Sons of Temperance

The Sons of Temperance

M. Waller (2000)

The Sons of Temperance is a journey into a dark sphere of information retrieval; the search for interpretation.

still from The Spirit Will Not Descend Without Song

The Spirit Will Not Descend Without Song

K. Piper (1986)

still from The States of Things

The States of Things

R. Nashashibi (2000)

A Glasgow jumble sale set to an Egyptian classic love song from the 1920's.

still from The Story Of Wash & Go

The Story Of Wash & Go

G. Barber (1995)

A meditation on product history

still from The Streets of...

The Streets of...

S. Marshall (1979)

Produced in San Francisco and Brighton. A tape about the representations of an American city produced by a television series, tourist photographs, guide books, travelogues and news reports.

still from The Sun And The Moon

The Sun And The Moon

S. Dwoskin (2007)

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