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film and video a to z
still from Tall Buildings

Tall Buildings

C. Swann (1992)

A beautiful and delicate study of the Manhattan skyline.

still from Taxi Driver II

Taxi Driver II

G. Barber (1986)

Contemporary film noir starring Johnny Morris

still from Tea Leaf

Tea Leaf

R. Novaczek (1988)

An 80's lesbian shoplifting film.

still from Telling It

Telling It

A. Tallentire (2006)

A car journey from Camden to Bloomberg SPACE shows the changing sky at dawn.

still from Temenos


N. Danino (1998)

Temenos means ''ritual precinct''; a sacred place, a place apart. A disquieting dimension manifests itself in a becalmed landscape.

still from Tennis Dialogues

Tennis Dialogues

C. Elwes (1979)

Performance playing tennis against a video version of herself.

still from Terminals


S. Lahire (1986)

Women need to work in technology on our own terms instead of being railroaded into Manpower camps.

still from Terra Vermin

Terra Vermin

A. Thew (1998/99)

"Mama, Papa, last night I had an ugly dream which sent shivers down my spine..." voice of Citti from Oedipus Rex

still from Terrible Spaces

Terrible Spaces

K. Piper (1994)

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