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film and video a to z
still from Territories


I. Julien (1984)

Footage of the Notting Hill Carnival is radically interrogated.

still from Thames Barrier

Thames Barrier

W. Raban (1977)

A three screen evocation of the Thames.

still from Thames Film

Thames Film

W. Raban (1986)

A document of a journey on the Thames from central London to the sea.

still from That's Entertainment.... (the conjuror's Assistant)

That's Entertainment.... (the conjuror's Assistant)

J. Iljon (1979)

An experiment in documentary taken from 100ft 'verite' footage.

still from That's the Way to Do It

That's the Way to Do It

A. K├Âtting (2007)

still from The Abolitionists Parlour

The Abolitionists Parlour

K. Piper (2007)

still from The Adventure of a Good Citizen

The Adventure of a Good Citizen

S. & F. Themerson (1937)

'The skies won't fall in if you walk backwards!'

still from The Artist

The Artist

A. Course (2000)

The artist is a buffon on its way to an unsure place.

still from The Attendant

The Attendant

I. Julien (1993)

A museum attendant is caught up in sado-masochistic fantasies.

still from The Bad Sister

The Bad Sister

L. Mulvey & P. Wollen (1983)

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