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film and video a to z
still from The Black Tower

The Black Tower

J. Smith (1985-7)

A film about a man who believes he is being stalked by a black tower.

still from The Black Video Anthology

The Black Video Anthology

G. Ndiritu (2006)

The Western fascination with the exotic is highlighted through the reexamination of the origins of dance music.

still from The Boy Scout Soldier

The Boy Scout Soldier

C. Elwes (2000)

Second work in the War Stories series

still from The Broad Walk

The Broad Walk

H. Lloyd (1994)

Roller skaters skating on the Broad Walk.

still from The Cat and the Woman

The Cat and the Woman

J. Parker (1987)

still from The Citadel

The Citadel

C. Swann (1992)

The imaginary journey of a woman through a city of beauty and desolation.

still from The Clouds

The Clouds

P. Keiller (1989)

A semi-narrative/part documentary journey through the North of England.

still from The Critic's Informed Viewing

The Critic's Informed Viewing

C. Elwes (1982)

Prancing Top of the Pops chanteuses with heavy-handed feminist voice-over.

still from The Cyclops Cycle

The Cyclops Cycle

M. Le Grice (1998/2003)

A series of three screen video works.

still from The Darker Side of Black

The Darker Side of Black

I. Julien (1994)

Rap and ragga music and machismo, misogyny, homophobia and gun glorification.

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