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film and video a to z
still from The Death Waltz

The Death Waltz

S. Croft (2007)

still from The Desert People

The Desert People

D. Lamelas (1974)

still from The Dictator

The Dictator

D. Lamelas (1978)

still from The Dictator Returns

The Dictator Returns

D. Lamelas (1984)

Barbara Lopez and Colonel Riccardo Garcia Perez, the exiled president of St Ana, discuss his plans to return to St Ana in an interview.

still from The Dilapidated Dwelling

The Dilapidated Dwelling

P. Keiller (2000)

still from The Drift Back

The Drift Back

M. Tait (1956)

The return to the land

still from The End

The End

P. Keiller (1986)

still from The End Of The World

The End Of The World

I. Bourn (1982)

A cup of tea is called for.

still from The Everlasting

The Everlasting

S. Croft (1999)

The maker of a corporate charity video falls in love with a terminally ill actor.

still from The Exploded City

The Exploded City

K. Piper (1998)

Video project exploring contemporary configurations of urban space through the metaphorical lens of the Biblical legend of the Tower of Babel.

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