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film and video a to z
still from The Hinge

The Hinge

I. Breakwell (1997)

Part of the Blipverts series of 1 minute films before the main feature in selected commercial cinema screenings.

still from The Hut

The Hut

J. Smith (1973)

Experiment with visual rhythms which animates still photographs of a decaying building.

still from The Institution

The Institution

I. Breakwell (1978)

A film by Ian Breakwell and Kevin Coyne intended to further develop the questioning of 'normal' viewing habits.

still from The International Collection of Cultural Cross-Dressing

The International Collection of Cultural Cross-Dressing

E.Tan (2003)

The collection is an on-going project and charts the phenomena of cultural cross dressing internationally.

still from The Invention of Dr.Morel

The Invention of Dr.Morel

D. Lamelas (2000)

'For us left behind. There will only be this moment over and over and over, only we won't remember it. It will always be new.'

still from The Iron Grip of History

The Iron Grip of History

P. Keiller (1982)

still from The Island Bell

The Island Bell

K. Meynell (2001)

This is a single-screen video version of a work originally commissioned by Diffusion as an online publication for their 'performance notation' series.

still from The Journey

The Journey

I. Breakwell (1975)

A train journey forms the basis for a personal daydream.

still from The King's Chamber

The King's Chamber

J. Al-Ani (1998)

We watch, unseen, as a woman relaxes while she bathes.

still from The Kiss

The Kiss

I. Bourn & J. Smith (1999)

The forced development of a hot-house flower.

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