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film and video a to z
still from Untitled Third Monologue

Untitled Third Monologue

S. Croft (2008)

still from Unword


I. Breakwell (1970)

A hypnotic collage of rapidly changing word-imagery and physical action.

still from Upside Down Feature

Upside Down Feature

P. Gidal (1967-72)

How it is is what it is.

still from Upside Down Minutiae

Upside Down Minutiae

G. Barber (2001)

A differnt kind of psychological investigation

still from Uranium Hex

Uranium Hex

S. Lahire (1987)

A memory-using location film of a stay with a uranium mining community.

still from Utopic Blurr

Utopic Blurr

E.Tan (2002)

Utopic Blurris a series of digital images and accompanying screensaver narratives reflecting upon our current obsessive desires with ideal landscapes, garden design and orchestrated 'natural' environments.

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