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film and video a to z
still from Waiters


H. Lloyd (2003)

Waiters working in Caffè Florian.

still from Waiting For Dave

Waiting For Dave

G. Barber (1994)

A humorous rooftop monologue

still from Waiting for Waste

Waiting for Waste

A. Course (2003)

Paul and I are at the pipe, waiting for waste.

still from Waking Art

Waking Art

G. Ndiritu (2003)

This piece deals with the lack of truthful representation of Indigenous people throughout the world.

still from Walking Off Court

Walking Off Court

G. Barber (2003)

The story of James Goodman

still from Walk of Three Chairs

Walk of Three Chairs

B. Beban (2003)

Beban floating on a raft between two banks of the Danube in Belgrade.

still from Walkscape


D. Critchley (1975/6)

still from Wash


R. Haselden (2001)

A sunny day illuminates sheets hanging out to dry on a revolving type clothes line.

still from Waterfall


W. Raban (1982)

A film document of Ron Haselden's sculpture at the Acme Gallery, 'Graving Dock'.

still from Waterfall


C. Welsby (2004)

The visual material for Waterfall is a continuous take of a large and "scenic" waterfall. The falling water, as it cascades down a sheer craggy rock face, crashing over huge boulders on its way, fills the entire video frame.

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