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film and video a to z
still from Waterloo Sunset

Waterloo Sunset

E.Tan (2005)

Multilingual Waterloo Sunset was produced over the period of a week while in residence at BBC Radio London.

still from Watershed


A. Syed (1994)

The Watershed is a film of testimonies: a testimony of love, of betrayal and a testimony of abuse.

still from Waterwork (Narcissus)

Waterwork (Narcissus)

D. Hall (1976)

The video monitor and the reflected viewer.

still from Water Work for Speckled Eye

Water Work for Speckled Eye

K. Meynell (1997)

still from Wave Formations

Wave Formations

W. Raban (1977)

A multi-screen presentation examining image density and intermittent exposures.

still from The Weather

The Weather

G. Barber (1996)

And now for the weather forecast

still from Wedding Speech

Wedding Speech

I. Bourn (1978)

The only piece of purely functional film I have produced.

still from Welcome/Adieu


A. Mogg (1983)

A patriotic rendering of all the verses of God Save the Queen with some Victorian lantern slides.

still from Wembley Warm-Up

Wembley Warm-Up

G. Barber (1986)

TV disruption

still from Wet and Dry

Wet and Dry

K. Meynell (1995)

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